Rental Magica Episode 22 English Sub

May 17, 2012

Honami travels throughout the city, writing runes in her blood for the dragon summoning ceremony. Nekoyashiki explains to the remaining Astral members that Itsuki's father, Tsukasa Iba, chose for Astral's headquarters to be in the city in order to keep watch over the dragon, and he casts a spell to retrieve Honami and Itsuki. Elsewhere, Adelicia confronts Fin, who overwhelms her with his magic. Itsuki and Sekiren arrive and Fin quickly disables the latter. Fin reveals that he is a changeling and possesses the Glamsight, which knocks Itsuki unconscious. Nekoyakishi's spell reaches Itsuki, Sekiren, and Adelicia, but Fin disrupts it, causing the spell to leave Itsuki behind. Honami and Fin take Itsuki to a tower, where they begin to summon the dragon. Nekoyakishi surmises the dragon is a sacrifice to heal Itsuki's eye, and that Honami feels guilt over exposing Itsuki's Glamsight to damage from the dragon when they were traveling in a mansion as children.