Rental Magica Episode 21 English Sub

May 17, 2012

Sekiren becomes concerned of after seeing the erosion of a Buddhist idol, and begins going through the city. Meanwhile, Itsuki and Adelicia are enjoying a meal, and see a boy saving Genbu, one of Nekoyashiki's cats, stuck in a tree. They aid him and return to the Astral mansion, where the boy reveals he is Fin Cruda, a member of the Association assigned to oversee Astral. Fin voices the Association's suspicions that Astral is breaking a taboo, but leaves after seeing Honami, his former student. Itsuki follows Fin and the two discuss Itsuki's Glamsight. After Fin leaves, Itsuki's Glamsight begins to cause him pain, and the city becomes covered in mist. Sekiren arrives, noting that the seals on a dragon in the city have been broken. Itsuki, realizing Fin is behind this, leaves to confront him. In the city, Honami is aiding Fin in summoning the dragon, believing it can heal Itsuki's Glamsight.