Rental Magica Episode 13 English Sub

May 17, 2012

With all the Astral members busy, Itsuki goes into the city. Diana later comes to the Astral mansion, and tells Honami and Kuroha that Itsuki asked what girls liked for presents. Immediately intrigued, Honami runs into the city to find Itsuki. Meanwhile, Daphne, Adelicia's maid, reveals that Itsuki asked her the same question, and Adelicia runs to find Itsuki. She finds Honami and the two trail Itsuki into the city, where they find that Itsuki was getting a present for the ghost of a girl. Kuroha joins them and they go to a church, where they found the ghosts of a group of children that died in a fire. As a present, Itsuki, Honami, Adelicia, and Kuroha sing to them, and the church disappears with the ghosts. When they return to the mansion, the Astral members reveal that they've been planning a Christmas party for Itsuki. As they enjoy the party, Adelicia asks for Itsuki to stay with her the next day, and Honami angrily demands to be taken along.