Rental Magica Episode 12 English Sub

May 17, 2012

Lapis uses the basilisk eye to prevent Itsuki from using his Glamsight, but retreats after Adelicia arrives. Elsewhere, Honami awakens in Tholoide's lab surrounded by a barrier, and Tholoide reveals that the item the Association was holding was Tsukasa Iba's original grimoire. Itsuki plans an assault on Tholoide's headquarters, and Honami, realizing Itsuki will come, desperately tries to break free using a dangerous spell. Adelicia arrives and saves Honami from the collateral damage caused by the barrier's destruction. Itsuki confronts Tholoide, who easily defeats the Astral members with the basilisk eye he forcibly removes from Lapis. Honami and Adelicia arrive and Tholoide transforms Lapis into the basilisk. Using his Glamsight, Itsuki manages to defeat the basilisk and free Lapis. Itsuki tells Tholoide that, as president, he can only aspire to be the best he can. After they return to the mansion, Itsuki receives a letter from Lapis and Tholoide, who reveal that Itsuki can learn more about his Glamsight from Tsukasa's grimoire.