Rental Magica Episode 7 English Sub

May 17, 2012

Itsuki arrives late for an appointment at a shrine due to allowing Mikan to buy souvenirs at a festival. Shinogi Minagi requests a saniwa, or spirit medium, to convene with Futsunushinokami, the god of the shrine, from Astral. Shinogi hopes to revive her comatose brother, Moroha Minagi. Although Adelicia and Honami are against Itsuki taking the job, he agrees after seeing Mikan's enthusiasm. However, as the ritual is being conducted, Kagezaki, a mage in the service of the Association arrives, telling Astral member Manami Kuroha of Takeminakatanokami, the other god of the shrine. He tells of the incident where Shinogi and Moroha accidentally summoned Takeminakatanokami. With Shinogi incapacitated, Moroha was forced to invoke Futsunushinokami's power to stop Takeminakatonokami, and the effort left him comatose. Mikan, with emotional support from Itsuki and magical assistance from Honami, manages to seal Takeminakatanokami, and Moroha awakens. On the train back, Kuroha teases Honami about arriving to save Itsuki