Rental Magica Episode 6 English Sub

May 17, 2012

The members of Astral fail in their efforts to capture a demonic hound due to the incompetence of their president, Itsuki Iba, and the hound is claimed by Adelicia Lenn Mathers, the head of Goetia. Afterwards, Astral is approached by Shōko Kunugi, one of Itsuki's classmates from school, for a mission to find her missing grandfather. However, her grandfather, consumed by his magic after committing a magical taboo, attacks Itsuki and Kunugi. Astral members Honami Takase Ambler, Mikan Katsuragi, and Ren Nekoyashiki go to reinforce Itsuki. Itsuki reveals his Glamsight eye, and, under his orders, the Astral members defeat Kunugi's grandfather. At school later, Itsuki is approached by Adelicia and Honami, who bicker in the process. However, when Kunugi says hello to Itsuki, both Honami and Adelicia angrily punch Itsuki in the head.