Rental Magica Episode 5 English Sub

May 17, 2012

Astral is approached by Diana, the president of Trismegistus, a corporation that sells magical items, to find a special flower that is seeded within a human body and blooms after their death. As the mission was originally taken by Itsuki's father, Itsuki accepts. However, they are attacked by Li Cheng Chen, a magician that can raise the dead. He tries to take the flower, but Honami takes it, escaping with Itsuki and leaving Kuroha behind. Itsuki resolves to save Kuroha and retain the flower for Diana. Elsewhere, Diana approaches Chen, regretful that she sold him the root for the flower, as he killed a village to seed it with power. Itsuki arrives, and Kuroha manifests her poltergeist powers to free herself from Chen's imprisonment. Itsuki reveals his Glamsight and he, Honami, and Kuroha defeat Chen. At the Astral mansion, Diana thanks Itsuki and while looking at his eye, comes close to his face. A scandalized Honami and Kuroha punch Itsuki after Diana