Rental Magica Episode 2 English Sub

May 17, 2012

Due to the low amount of work Astral has shown since Itsuki took over, Kagezaki threatens to cancel Astral's registration with the Association. They are assigned to dispel a Magi Night, a case of high magical pollution. Goetia arrives as well, and summons a host of demons to attack Honami and Itsuki. Honami dispatches the demons but Adelicia arrives to do battle. However, the sea becomes turbulent and Adelicia and Itsuki are thrown into the sea as it freezes, trapping them. Below the surface, Adelicia reveals to Itsuki that the pollution's core is a Goetia mage that broke a taboo, and she swears Itsuki to secrecy. The mage is revealed to be Oswald Lenn Mathers, Adelicia's father. Oswald attacks Adelicia and Itsuki, but Honami arrives to save them. Oswald withdraws and Itsuki makes Honami promise not to reveal the taboo before fainting.